In a chaotic consumer-driven world, fast-paced thinkers and innovative strategists are in demand. As a designer with both print and digital knowledge, I understand the complexities needed to captivate an audience. Hectic and deadline-driven environments often drive my most creative endeavors.  Wit, creative agility, adaptability, and group collaboration are some of my best attributes. 
I also own an extremely active 8 year old leopard gecko appropriately named Sylvester. He proofed this site for me and promised there wouldn't be any bugs. I could probably out-Steely-Dan your dad on most days, and I like to collect my musical interests onto visual cards (please refer to page 4). Only whimsical and risqué tattoos reside on the temple that is my body. My inner masochist kicked in at the age of 4 when I realized my love for soccer and running for an hour and a half with the boys. I am always interested in playing ball; let me know how I can help with your vision.
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