In a chaotic consumer-driven world, fast-paced thinkers and innovative strategists are in demand.  As a designer and wearer-of-many-hats, I understand the need to captivate an audience. Hectic and deadline-driven environments often drive my most creative endeavors.  Wit, creative agility, adaptability, and group collaboration are some of my best attributes. 
Well now that you've read my professional introduction, let me tell you some other light-hearted information about me. I own a 7 year old leopard gecko named Sylvester who I go to for all my design advice. I'm a self-described illegitimate village idiot (say that 5 times fast) who's won a few awards including being a finalist in an international poster competition, best in show, and a three time spelling bee champion. I love working with others, so let's collab!